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HP8 LED Screen Trailer

With builtin sound /PA system, a video processor with multiple inputs it is a dream machine just designed to deliver high quality video and text content to any event or drive around the targeted campaign areas for outdoor advertising.

All HiPixel Media LED Screens are equipped with latest high end video processors providing high resolution and scaling capabilities for any type of signal inputs.

HP8 LED Screen Trailer.jpg
HP8 LED Screen Trailer.jpg


  • Suitable for Large Outdoor Events such as Outdoor Concerts, Festivals, Screenings, Sporting Events, LIVE Video or Games activations

  • On-board sound system with 250W*

  • Various AV inputs – HDMI/ SDI/ DVI/ Composite

  • HD input signal support: 720p or 1080p

  • Auto signal scaling

  • The screen can be raised up to 1.3 mts high from the ground and turned to any desired angle/position.

HP8 carries 8 sqm LED screen​​

Screen 3840X2080 mm P4 LED outdoor screen

Trailer Size: 5.8x2x2.8 (LxWxH)